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This week WPS  terminated the magicJack franchise, leaving the league with a total of five teams.  The team roster wasn’t short on high-profile names; including USWNT members Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, Christie Rampone, and Megan Rapinoe and WPS rookie of the year Christen Press. After leaving the D.C. area, the fans and community of this team are once again without someone to cheer for. The league again goes through turmoil in the off-season. With magicJack gone, where does that leave the players, the fans, and ultimately the league?

The chat  will look for your thoughts on the impact to the players, the fans, and the league with the closing of magicJack.

Q1: The Players

  • What happens to the high-profile players?
  • What options do the players have outside of WPS to play?
  • Does this make other professional leagues more appealing to players?

Q2: The Fans and Community

  • Where does this leave the fans of the team?
  • What impact did the team have on the community of southern Florida?
  • How does this impact the soccer community?

Q3: The League

  • What impact does the closure have on the league’s brand?
  • What does the league need to do in order to bounce back?
  • What message is the league sending by the closure of magicJack?

Join us on Monday at 8pm ET to throw your thoughts into the mix. Just log on to TwitterTweetchat, or Tweetgrid, and use the #WPSchat tag.


Welcome to the special edition, #USwnt chat! I will be moderating this chat as part of the Twitter Campaign to build support and awareness for the US WNT before, during, and after the match versus Italy on November 27th at 2pm EST. If you are not able to attend the game live like me (watching it on ESPN3) then join us for the pre-game questions, in-game discussion as the live action happens, and post-game discussion to wrap up. If you are live at the game (lucky!) join in the discussion and tweet live in-game moments.

The questions below will be pre-game questions starting at 1:30pm EST. The chat will then go into a live discussion surrounding the action on the field. We will then “hit the showers” and do a post-game wrap up of the match.

Q1: The Lineup.

  • Who would be your starting XI?
  • What player will have the most impact on the game?
  • Would you make a substitution?

Q2: The Game.

  • Who will score first US or Italy?
  • What player has the best opportunity to score?
  • What will the final score be?

Q3: The Cool Down.

  • Whether the outcome is good or bad what happens to Pia?
  • What are your final thoughts before kick-off?

Get your virtual pre-game on and join in on Saturday at 1:30pm EST to throw your thoughts into the mix. Just log on to Twitter, Tweetchat, or Tweetgrid, and use the #USwnt tag.

This is the second to last installment in the ‘Who Dat’ series, featuring Sky Blue FC. They are the reigning champs, so it will be interesting to see how much they’ve changed their line-up to set themselves up for repeat success.

The Front Line: There isn’t much that has changed for this group in the line-up or on what they are capable of doing. They should pick-up where they left off at the end of the 2009 season. The front line features Natasha Kai and Kacey White who led the attack for the team and will do so again this season.

The Midfield: This group will get it done in any way that the team needs and they have the personnel to do so. Back from last season is Rosana, Yael Averbuch, Heather O’Reilly, and Meghan Schnur. They will be joined by USWNT member Carli Lloyd. This group could be the most talented midfield in the league.

The Defense and Goal Tending: The defense returns all but one of its starters from the 2009 season with Anita Asante, Keeley Dowling, and Christie Rampone. Sky Blue FC will also return Jenni Branam as the net minder from the 2009 season. If there was any weakness in this team, it would be the defense and goal tending. But don’t tell them I said that!

The Sky Blue FC look good to repeat and defend their title as champions of the league. But they will be tested because there are more than a few good contenders ready and willing to knock them off.

The next and final team to be put on the table for the ‘Who Dat’ treatment will be the Washington Freedom, so stay tuned.

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