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91 minutes: That’s how long the Breakers fought the Spirit before scoring a sensational goal.

91 words: That’s how long I’ll take to give you the highlights.

The Breakers’ attack started slow and was repeatedly turned away by the Spirit’s defense and goalkeeping. In the 75th minute, Breakers’ head coach Lisa Cole substituted in Elizabeth Guess, which proved to be the juice the team needed. Guess served up the ball for Sydney Leroux who sped past the Spirit backline and beat the goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris far post.

Epic soccer in 91 words.


This week’s questions will focus on the future of the WPS and its growth. These will be explored through the discussion of expansion and international roster spots for the teams.

Q1: Is it plausible for the WPS to expand outside the US?

  • What locations outside the US could best support a WPS franchise?
  • Has the soccer talent gap closed on the international level with the US not being as dominant?
  • How would this impact the soccer development in that country?

Q2: Would the allowance for more international roster spots change the WPS?

  • What high-profile international stars do you see coming to play in the WPS?
  • Would you see an exodus of US talent to foreign leagues?

Q3: What is your favorite play of the week?

Q4: What would you like to discuss in the upcoming weeks?

Join us on Monday at 8pm EST to throw your thoughts into the mix. Just log on to Twitter, Tweetchat, or Tweetgrid, and use the #WPSchat tag.

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