This just could be one of the most highly anticipated tournaments for the U.S. Women’s National Team . I’d argue that it isn’t the talent of the teams in the Olympics, though the field is great. The 2012 Olympics bring out the best of each country, including teams that have beat the U.S. before.

What has the U.S. soccer supporters so tuned into this year’s competition? The character of the 2012 Women’s National Team. Like the famous ’99ers, this team has captured the hearts and the attention of the country. (In case you need an example of why this group is so beloved watch this video.)

The #wpschat will look at the team’s likability, compare it to the likes of the ’99ers, and what it means for the sport in the Olympics and at home.

Q1: The 2012 U.S. Women’s National Team

  • What put this team on the radar? Why?
  • How and when did the squad get into the hearts of the country at large? Why?
  • What was that defining moment for you? Why?

Q2: The ’99ers and 2012

  • How are the two squads similar?
  • How are the two squads different?
  • What do you think is/was the main driver of the two squads to win?
  • Are the pressures facing this squad the same or different from the ’99ers?

Q3: The Sport of Women’s Soccer

  • What impact could this team have on the sport at home and abroad?

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