Has it been two months already?! It has, and the June 2012 issue of Our Game Magazine is out. This could only mean one thing: another special edition #WPSchat featuring Our Game Magazine. The issue is full of great articles– some of my favorites are ‘Adversity Abroad’, ‘Performance’, ‘Veronica Boquete’ and ‘Women’s Soccer Journalists’.

Ever wonder what types of struggles American footballers playing in foreign leagues face or what it takes to become a top player at the highest level? ‘Adversity Abroad’ and ‘Performance’ gives us insight into those questions and will be the featured articles of the chat.

Q1: Adversity Abroad (page 19 – 23)

  • What are some of the largest off-field struggles for American players abroad?
  • What are some of the largest on-field challenges face by American players abroad?
  • What might the clubs, agents, or city officials of the players do help?

Q2: Performance (page 10 – 11)

  • What does it take to become a top player at the highest level of football?
  • What impact does working on your individual game away from the team have? Is this good or bad? Why?
  • What are the obstacles young athletes face that prevent them from reaching their goals?
  • What does a young athlete need to do in order to reach their goals? Is there a formula for success? What is that formula?

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Our Game Magazine June 2012 Issue – Our Game Magazine June 2012