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The topic on everyone’s mind this week is the sanctioning– or should I say the “not sanctioning”– of WPS by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Like any professional soccer league in the United States, WPS is up for annual review and sanctioning by the governing body USSF. A standard for sanctioning a division 1 league (highest level) requires the league to field a minimum of 8 teams. In 2011, WPS had six teams and the league was sanctioned as division 1 by receiving a waiver. With only 5 viable teams, they are once again applying for a waiver the 2012 season. The application is under review by USSF and the two parties continue to work towards an agreement.

The chat will look to get your thoughts on delayed sanctioning, the possibility of the league not being sanctioned or sanctioned as a different division, and what impact that will have for 2012.

Q1: Delayed Sanctioning News

  • What impact is this having on the WPS brand?
  • Will this build support for the league? Why or why not?
  • Will this confirm the detractors? Why or why not?

Q2: Sanctioned or Not

  • What impact will not being sanctioned have for WPS?
  • What impact will being sanctioned as a different division have for WPS?
  • What are possibilities the league faces?

Q3: The Future: 2012

  • As fans, what does the sanctioning mean to you? Why?
  • What impact does the sanctioning have for players and future players?

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A sport’s off-season wouldn’t be complete without discussions about free agency and signings. And there may be plenty of talk– 84% of the leagues players from last season are free agents (110 out of 131 rostered players, including all magicJack players).

As a fan, this is one of the best and disconcerting times as we see some of our favorite players on the team stay and others leave. We also see new additions added to the team, wonder how they will fit in, and what their impact will be on next year. It is a time when the fan may be the GM for their WPS team– hypothetically, speaking of course! We may build our dream team, letting our creative minds loose.

The chat will look for you to jump into your fantasy GM shoes and build your team.

List of free agents by team roster (click link to view team roster):

Atlanta Beat

Boston Breakers

Philadelphia Independence

Sky Blue FC

Western New York Flash

Q1: You’re the GM (choose your favorite team)

  • What players from last season would you look to re-sign? Why?
  • What free agents from other teams would you look to sign? Why?
  • What are your goals for the team this season? How do your signings reflect that goal?

Q2: The International Players

  • What internationals currently not playing in WPS would you like to see sign with a team? Was there a player you were impressed with from the 2011 WWC?
  • What are some of the obstacles for internationals playing for WPS?
  • What are some of the benefits of having an international player on your team?

Q3: Free Agents

  • Who are the top free agents available?
  • Is there a free agent player that the league needs to keep? Why?

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Events over the past few weeks have got us thinking. Sports have the opportunity to transform, to unify people as a team and as a community. At the same time, these programs can cause real harm when leaders, players, and coaches fail to keep perspective.

With last season squarely in our rear view mirrors, we now have the time to reflect. We cheered on our favorite WPS teams and players, we celebrated a dramatic Women’s World Cup. But at moments in the past season, some may have found themselves asking what was taking precedence– the desire to win/save face or the desire to act with integrity. The chat will look at the impact of these moments on a sport, league, team, and player, if it differs depending on the allegation and what role the offender holds, and if the handling of the allegation is the most important part.

The chat will look to get your thoughts on WPS year three’s turmoil, leaving no stone unturned.

Q1: Dan Borislow’s Antics

  • What is the impact of this on WPS, magicJack team, and players?
  • Did WPS handle the antics properly? Why?
  • What are preventive measures that could be put in place?
  • How did Dan being an owner impact the handling of the antics?

Q2: The Treatment of magicJack Players

  • What was the impact to the players and the team?
  • What measures could have prevented this?
  • Did WPS handle this properly? Why?

Q3: Player Missteps

  • What is the impact of a player stepping out of line?
  • Does the impact differ depending on the player’s stature or role? Why?
  • Should WPS or the teams have punitive measures put in place? Why?

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The “future” of WPS has been the talk of the media since the inception of the league. The talk mostly surrounds the growth of the league, the financial health of the league, addition of teams, and the closing of franchises. But what about the real “future” — the up and coming talent that will become the league’s next stars? That talent will be on display over the next month or so in the NCAA Women’s College Cup.

The chat will look for your evaluation of the players, the teams, and the programs that are looking to win the ultimate prize of the season, a championship.

Q1: The Players

  • What players are you most looking forward to displaying their talents in the tournament?
  • Which players will have the most impact for their teams during the college cup?
  • Which current college players do you want to see play in WPS in the future?

Q2: The Teams

  • What teams are you looking forward to see in the tournament?
  • What teams have the best chances of advancing deep into the college cup?
  • Is there a sleeper team who will make a good run? What teams do you see as the sleepers?

Q3: The Programs

  • Which women’s soccer programs are making an unexpected splash this season?
  • What program is an up and coming program for the future?
  • Do the traditional power programs need to take it to the next level if they are to continue to be power programs?

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