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If you have a pulse and are a fan of women’s soccer, you know that Hope Solo is dancing away this season on the popular US TV show Dancing with the Stars. Though the eyes of soccer fans have been on Solo for a while, this could introduce a new set of fans to Solo’s skills and to women’s soccer. The topic of this week’s chat will be on the often-in-the-spotlight Hope Solo, what this mainstream attention may mean for the WPS, and yes– her dancing skills.

The chat will still have topics of discussion but will include a live stream commentary as MakSolo performs.

Q1: Hope Solo

  • What impact does her media persona have on her play on the field?
  • How will her career be remembered?
  • Will not winning a world cup final have an impact on her career?

Q2: MakSolo Impact on the WPS

  • What does the mainstream attention from Dancing with the Stars mean for the WPS?
  • Should the WPS leverage this attention? How?
  • How is the support given from WPS players to MakSolo impacting the promotion of the league?

Q3: Dancing Skills

  • Live commentary of MakSolo performance

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The WPS lost a major influence and legend in women’s soccer this week when coach Tony DiCicco retired from the Boston Breakers. He is best known for coaching the US Women’s National Team to Olympic Gold and a World Cup Final but he has influenced the game in other ways. He founded SoccerPlus, is a respected commentator for the game, and filled a commissioner role for the WUSA. You can’t mention women’s soccer and not immediately think of Tony.

What is next for Tony?

This week’s chat will look back at Tony’s career in the women’s game, the impact his retirement will have on the WPS, and what could possibly next for the legend.

Q1: Tony’s Era

  • What impact did Tony have on the US Women’s National Team?
  • What hole has his retirement left in the women’s game?
  • Is there anything he needs to accomplish in order to solidify his status as a legend?

Q2: Life in the WPS without Tony

  • What does Tony’s retirement mean for the league?
  • How will Tony’s WPS coaching career be remembered?

Q3: Tony’s Future

  • What is next for the legend?

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The WPS 2011 off-season is underway. As in any professional sports off-season, this is the time of talk– when the slightest development sparks endless opinion. Discussions of the WPS will range from players to the top of the league office. The talk will include player salaries, league and team stability, the resignation of CEO Anne-Marie and her replacement to be, new scheduling conflicts, roster changes, and much, much more.

And why shouldn’t the talk get started with and by the fans on the #WPSchat?

This week’s chat will look at the player salary ceiling and floor, the stepping down of league CEO Anne-Marie Eileraas, and the expansion of the league.

Q1: A Ceiling and/or Floor for Player Salaries

  • What are the benefits of a ceiling and/or floor on player salaries?
  • What could be the repercussions of instituting a ceiling or floor?
  • Who benefits from the type of financial change?

Q2: Anne-Marie Eileraas Stepping Down

  • What does this do for the already volatile league image?
  • How will this be seen by investors and sponsorships?
  • What impact will the period of hiring have on the league?

Q3: The League Expansion

  • Where and when should the league look to expand, 2012 and beyond?
  • What type of expansion should the league adopt (brand new franchise or existing organization adoption)?

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