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There was big news this past week in the WPS: the signing of the five-time FIFA World Player of the Year and two-time WPS MVP Marta by the Flash. Is this worthy news to be a feature chat? We think so. This week we will look at Marta, her new team, and what it all means for the WPS.

Q1: Marta, Marta, Marta.

  • Is she the world’s best player? Why or why not?
  • Does she bring more to a team than talent?
  • Is she the world’s most recognizable player?

Q2: The Flash.

  • Are they the team to beat?
  • Will egos be a concern in the locker room and on the field?
  • Is this LA Sol III or FC Gold Pride II?
  • How do you see Morgan and Marta playing together?

Q3: The WPS.

  • What value does Marta bring to the WPS?
  • How could the league promote Marta?
  • Should Marta be the face of the league?

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This weekend, I went my first WPS draft.  It was everything I thought it would be- and more. This isn’t about who got pick when and who will play where- if you followed the draft, you’ll already know that. This is post is my first-hand account of what it was like to be there, on the ground, in the trenches.

Now the title of this post is a little misleading, my daft* draft day truly started the night before. I arrived in B’more (thanks to @ljbarks for this abbreviation, it is hot!) at about 10pm after a short flight from Beantown. The first daft moment of this trip: due to flight delays, I had to wait longer at the gate than to take the flight itself.

When planning the trip from BWI to the Hotel, I thought the most difficult part would be finding the MTA Light Rail stop. I was wrong. Purchasing the fare to board became the endless game of me putting money in and the machine spitting tickets out – each ticket I couldn’t use because of date or time restrictions. It felt like I was in Vegas playing the slots, and just like Vegas the house won! Eventually, I got it sorted and got on board, though was puzzled when no one came to collect my ticket. Apparently, riders on the MTA Light Rail can take a gamble on whether or not their tickets will be checked- just like Vegas.

Being thoroughly baffled by the purchase and collection of the fares on the light rail, I decide to ask a local to explain. The clerk at the front desk of my hotel didn’t offer any explanation worth repeating, so I asked how to get up to my room. Daft moment #2: The big marble staircase in the lobby doesn’t go anywhere- I was told I may get stuck half way up. Hmmm, I decided it was better not to ask and to take the elevator.

At that this point I couldn’t imagine what was in store for me now. I took my first cab ride for under $20. (Coming from Boston, a $6 cab ride is unheard of.) I pulled up in front of a bar, and I was then transported back to my clubbing days – waiting in lines to get in, walking through a sardine can of people with the music pumping, and getting stopped at and then pulled into the VIP section. I then moved onto a more casual locale and hung with the crew from @OurGameMagazine! I bumped into Lisa Cole (Boston Breakers assistant coach) and was told later that I was in the same area as Bruce Arena. The evening ended with a shared cab ride that (supposedly) cost over three times what I paid for the ride there- Daft moment #3. The cab didn’t look any different, no hot tub or bar?!

Given my transportation problems of the night before, I decided to rely on my sturdy and reliable legs to get me to my destination. My day was packed, with a blogger brunch/new media mixer, and then to the 2011 WPS Draft.

The blogger brunch/new media mixer at Pratt Street Ale House, sponsored by Demosphere, was a gathering of the online community built to support the WPS. It was great to finally meet @Vandey01 – got to give special props to the queen. If you don’t know her, you’ve got to. And if you need something done in your org, get her on the payroll. (Yes I’m a big fan!) It was fantastic to meet fellow WPS bloggers/media – @writerwood, @jenna_awk, @ljbarks, @jeffkassouf, @fakesigi, and @duresport. Honestly, you can’t beat great food and good conversation.

After filling my belly and expanding my mind, it was on to the big event of the day. The room was a buzz with media setting up, the webcast crew getting started, league officials preparing, and the team officials putting on their games faces.

The pre-draft atmosphere can only be compared to a locker room prior to the start of a game. The camera and video cases being opened and closed like lockers. The opening of laptop cases and bags like the unzipping of equipment bags. The shuffling and placement of laptops, cameras, and video recorders like the shuffle for athletic gear. And then it was time for the game to start.

Kristina Hentschel started with the opening remarks announcing the two new sponsorships for the WPS- Playtex and Sahlen’s Hotdogs. Then CEO Anne-Marie Eileraas announced the league’s possible expansion, building the anticipation for the draft like the playing of our national anthem at a game.

It was time for Kick-off- Rob Penner, the WPS Director of Communications, opened the draft, and the Western New York Flash were on the clock. It was the first build up, pass after pass until an opportunity on goal was available and the Flash selected (you guessed it) Alex Morgan. (Now you can decide for yourself if that was a goal or not!) The draft went on like this- pick after pick, just like a close game with each team looking for opportunities to score. And the Boston Breakers were standing at the end when the final whistle was blown. Just like post-game coverage, the media was up and ready to interview.

Then all the excitement and anticipation was melted away as everyone left the room. Lights turned off, and all was peaceful again just like the stadium after a game.

*A disclosure on the journey you undertook – the definition of daft used throughout is meant in a positive light with humor and merriment. I would go back to B’more in a heartbeat!

I would like to thank Amanda Vandervort (@Vandey01), Ryan Knapp, and Rob Penner (@rdpenner) for making my daftly 2011 WPS Draft day possible.

This week’s chat is about the 2011 WPS Draft. We will take a look at the results, your draft day experience, and the coverage. In this chat you are the GM, the coach, the sports analyst, and fan. So get your shovels out, because we are going to dig into this.

Q1: Your Draft Day Experience.

  • How did you follow the results?
  • How did this year’s experience compare to prior years?
  • What did you like most about this draft?
  • What was missing from this year?

Q2: The Results.

  • Were there any surprise selections?
  • What teams came out on top?
  • Did any players slide down further than expected?

Q3: The Coverage.

  • What did you like/dislike about the webcast?
  • What did you think about the pre-draft coverage?
  • What did you think about the in-draft coverage?
  • What do you think about the post-draft coverage?

Q4: What would you like to discuss in the upcoming weeks?

Join us on Monday at 8pm EST to throw your thoughts into the mix. Just log on to Twitter, Tweetchat, or Tweetgrid, and use the #WPSchat tag.

The 2011 WPS Draft is less than a week away and with it is the promise of the season ahead. When looking ahead, it is always good to reflect on where you came from and how you got there. This week’s chat will do just that looking at the past, the present, and the future.

Q1: #KL13– Kristine Lilly.

  • What was her greatest impact on the game of soccer?
  • What void has been left with her retirement?
  • Your favorite KL moment?

Q2: Player Movement.

  • What was the biggest move so far this off-season?
  • What teams have made the biggest impact on their rosters (good or bad)?
  • What are some of the big names that have switched cities?

Q3: 2011 Opening Weekends.

  • What matches are you looking forward to?
  • Were the right games selected for the WPS Sunday on FSC?

Q4: What would you like to discuss in the upcoming weeks?

Join us on Monday at 8pm EST to throw your thoughts into the mix. Just log on to Twitter, Tweetchat, or Tweetgrid, and use the #WPSchat tag.

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