The end of the WPS 2011 season has (or will be at the time of this chat) officially concluded. This week’s questions will look at the championship game, the season that was, and the season to be. The chat will be thought heavy. Be prepared to go through the depths of your memory, and the archives of the WPS website to answer them.

Q1: A re-cap of the WPS Championship game: the Independence vs. FC Gold Pride.

  • What are your thoughts with the outcome?
  • What players were dominant in the game?
  • Overall how was the officiating of the game (were the teams allowed to play)?

Q2: A review of the WPS 2010 Season.

  • What were your likes and dislikes of the season?
  • What are your thoughts on the success of the league’s second season?
  • Did the teams and the players live up to their billing?

Q3: A preview of the WPS 2011 season.

  • What would you like to see from the league next season?
  • Is there further room for expansion next season?
  • What internationals do you see coming into the league for the 2011 season?
  • What players in the college ranks do you see as top draft picks?

Q4: What is your favorite play of the WPS playoffs?

Q5: What would you like to discuss in the upcoming weeks?

Join us on Monday at 8pm EST to throw your thoughts into the mix. Just log on to Twitter, Tweetchat, or Tweetgrid, and use the #WPSchat tag.