Week 3 had some surprises to add to normal intrigue of the chat. Good or bad surprise first? Going with the good surprises first. There were new contributors and many return chat Tweeps! The bad surprise was the failure of previously splendid chat site, Tweetchat, just after the introductions and right before the launch of Q1. Come to find they switched servers over the weekend and let’s say the new server, not as stellar. The chat survived–and even thrived–after the switch to the chat platform Tweetgrid.

Question 1 (What impact does the WPS have on the women’s national teams?) took off after the Tweetchat debacle. The discussion focused on how the players in the WPS are getting recognition and improving overall because of the high level of play, coaching, and reach of the league. Some thought this would even the playing field of the National teams in international competitions, making the matches closer and more exciting to watch. This was such a popular discussion point that it was hard to move on to question 2– perhaps we should talk about this more in a future chat session.

Question 1 also gave us this week’s “Tweet of the chat”:

“I like how it’s brought players into the USWNT, but I wish Pia would use it to weed players out as well.” – @dharv5

Though only 103 characters, this tweet got a lot of people talking about the need to replace players who may not be playing well on the national level, and to give untested talent a chance to improve.

The discussion for question 2 (What impact will the WPS have on future women’s leagues throughout the world?) centered around three points: the WPS as a model league, players leaving the WPS for new leagues, and the idea of inter-league matches. Some thought the WPS could be used as a model for other leagues to build on and that players would need to be shared between them making the game stronger internationally. A number of chat participants argued that inter-league matches could be valuable but that there would be difficulty in getting them off the ground and organizing them.

There were a few favorite plays of the week by an international. Goals by Athletica’s Eniola Aluko and Freedom ‘s Sonia Bompastor were two of the favorites. The third was the PK save by Sky Blue’s Karen Bardsley.

Look forward to chatting with everyone next Monday at 8pm EST. Check back for next week’s questions on Friday.