Week 2 of the #WPSchat unintentionally had a theme running through it: college, college, college. Half the questions were in reference to that theme, starting off with chat contributors sharing who their favorite collegiate rookie in the WPS is. The two overwhelming favorite rookies were Tobin Heath from the Atlanta Beat and Lauren Cheney (the real LC) from the Boston Breakers! Kelley O’Hara from FC Gold Pride was a close third.

There were many return contributors from Week 1. One even emailed me her thoughts to post during the discussion. (That is true dedication and passion, thanks @katiemarx!) Add in the new contributors from this week, doubling the number of contributors from the first chat. We had Tweetchat really working.

This week, question 1 (What impact does college soccer have on the WPS?) was the most discussed. All were in agreement that there is a back and forth benefit between women’s collegiate soccer and the WPS. A professional league is an incentive  to develop talented players so that they are able to compete for spots. This increases the quality of play at the college level.  Some also thought that talent would be wider spread throughout the NCAA, rather than being concentrated in a few top programs (UNC and Notre Dame, for example.)

Question 2 dealt with how we as fans can help drive attendance, including the use of  grassroots tactics to spread the word about the WPS and how extroardinary it is. Another suggestion is continuing to build the supporter groups for the teams which helps bring in fans and enhance the game experience. And when you attend a game bring a friend with you so they may experience the beautiful game for themselves.

We find the “Tweet of the Chat” from question 2 about how fans may drive attendance to games:

“The WPS has to do is find a way to turn all the millions of soccer players in the US into soccer fans” – @AreYouOnTheBall

Continuing on the collegiate theme, our favorite play of the week was from a collegiate rookie. Carolyn Blank’s goal which evened the score in the Atletica vs. Breakers game was by far our top pick.

If you weren’t able to attend this week’s chat you may join next week’s chat on Monday starting at 8:00 pm EST. Next week’s question will be posted on Friday.